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How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Repaired?

When it comes to getting the roofing Shawnee OK citizens rely on, you need to be careful. This is the kind of service that needs to be performed only by one of the Best roofing companies in Oklahoma City. There are many ways that you can tell that your roof will need to be repaired.

For example, you may be noticing wet or discolored spots on your ceiling. You may also notice the presence of black spots due to bacteria or mold build up. Strange smells or wet spots on the floor near the area may also be present.

If this is the case, you very likely do have a leak that needs to be looked at. It’s important to get this issue addressed as quickly as possible. You don’t want to wait until the problem becomes worse because it could lead to a very costly financial outlay.

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How Do I Know If My Roof Is Leaking?

There are a few foolproof ways to find out if your brand new roof leaking is the cause of a problem in your home. If it is, you need to call an expert Norman roofer right away. This is a problem precisely because it always seems that the place where you find the water dripping is never exactly where the leak really is.

Your best bet will be to try to locate the source of the leaking during daylight hours. You can carry a flashlight in order to discover the dripping. You may have to get up to the roof to find water stains or discolorations that are telltale signs. Turn off the flashlight and look for holes where the light is piercing through.

If you can’t quite find the source of the leak with this technique, you may need to call in the services of a Roofing Norman OK expert. You can help make their job easier by performing a diagnostic water test. Wait until you get dry weather again. Have a person stay up in your attic with a bucket.

Meanwhile, have another person take a water hose up to the roof in order to flood it with water. The person you have stationed in the attic should be able to find the leak. They should also be able to mark where it is so that a roof repair Norman OK expert can come to your home in order to fix it.

To get the roofing Shawneee OK residents rely on for top quality results, call us today. This is not a huge investment that you need to worry about. Our Norman roofer service team can come to your home in order to diagnose the issue. They will then give you a full estimate of what to expect. There will be no hidden costs or service fees.

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Got Storm or Hail Damage?

When it comes to getting the roof repair Norman OK residents depend on, you should only hire the best. This is all the more true when it comes to repairing storm and hail damage. This is the type of issue only an expert Norman roofer is qualified to deal with on your behalf.

If you have damage to your roof from hail or the ill effects of a storm, you need to act immediately. You may have issues such as broken or missing shingles, damage to your drains or gutters, or other tell tale signs of wear and tear. These are issues you need to fix immediately so as to prevent even more damage from occurring.

Your best bet will to be call in the services of a roof repair service. These are the professionals that can diagnose and then fix the issue. They will gladly give you a full estimate on how much the repairs will cost.

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Roof Leak Repairs

There is nothing worse than a brand new roof leaking. This is kind of issue that will involve the expert services for roofing Shawnee OK citizens rely on. If you suspect that a roof leak is present, call us today to get started on fixing the issue once and for all.

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Will Insurance Cover My Roof Damage?

There’s a reason we are one of the best roofing companies in Oklahoma City. It’s because we know exactly how to help you get the most from the settlement that your insurance company hands out to you. If you need an emergency roof repair, we are the number one service provider for roofing Norman OK residents rely on.

Your insurance policy should cover most, if not all, of the repair work that you need done. You will need to file your claim with full documentation so that you can get the best possible settlement. This is an area where roof repair Norman OK experts can help by giving you a full estimate of exactly what it will cost to fix your roof.


If you notice any of these signs, your roof needs an inspection:
– A leaking ceiling
– Soggy, damp, or missing shingles
– Leakage in the attic
– A leaking chimney

The lifespan of a roof greatly depends on the type of roof and materials used. On average, a roof should last 20 years.

Yes, we recommend completely tearing off your old roof before installing the new one. To ensure the best quality of repair, we need to address the root of your roof’s problem. This can only be done once the old roof has been removed.